Do you have employees and experience challenges with timesheets, schedules, project distribution or work orders which are still in paper version?

The # 1 application to simplify time management.
Save money, in addition to managing your projects in real-time!

Calculation of hours worked

Exact calculations of hours worked per employee with indication of where the employee punched in and out. Ability to extract timesheets and directly integrate your payroll system.

Mobile Timesheets

Allows employees to punch from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Allows the calculation of hours paid by site, station or customer address.

Employee location

Visibility of your workforce thanks to the location of the place where they punched, the system will show you the places of entry and exit to avoid the feeling of being constantly followed for the employees. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Management of hours per project

The hours can be calculated automatically by project which will allow you to have a real-time view of your costs as well as your return on investment.

Notifications / Schedules

Receive notifications if an employee failed to punch or did not return on a shift. This makes it possible to pay only the hours actually worked and this per minute.

Electronic Scheduling

Employees receive their schedules directly on their mobile as well as the places where they are assigned. You will be able to see live who viewed and accepted them.

Distribution of work / Orders

Allows the preparation and modifications of work directly to the mobile devices and to pair them with electronic forms.
Photos, client/employee signatures and invoicing in one place per project to improve communication between the office and the field.

The race for timesheets is over! Say goodbye to documents delivered individually in Excel or on small pieces of paper!

Compatible with most accounting software and payroll services

The App contributes to your success!
Here are some testimonials from our customers.

Permettez-nous de prendre quelques minutes de votre temps afin de vous tem01gner notre satisfaction envers l’equipe de Cellcom qu1 a ete assignee aux deux deploiements de tablettes a noire Cooperative.
L’operation visant a remplacer pres de six cents tablettes s’est deroulee au quart de tour, le tout en pleine pandemie.

Nous sommes fiers de faire partie de l’equipe Cellcom.

Mohamed Dardari, Président, Taxi COOP Québec

With a company that has 50 plus cell phones, there needs to be faith in the provider for customer service and cost. With Cellcom you get both of those.
We were with a different provider from 2004 until 2019 but we started breaking down our monthly invoices and knew we could do better. When you are used to a service and become comfortable you Just trust the system without realizing that there might be a better program out there.
In the 14 months since our changeover the customer service has been exceptional. Brad is a phone call away and the monthly invoices were explained to us in great detail.
We are extremely happy that we made the change and we highly recommend Cellcom.

Larry Smart, Chief Operating Officer, AM Group of Companies


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