Executive Team

Gary Hutman

President & CEO

Anthony Sleiman

President & COO

Middle Management Team

Pierre-Philippe Dubé

Vice-president / Finances

Jennifer Assaf

General manager – Support

Antoine Abou-Mourad

General manager – Retail sales

Dave Lessard

General manager – Corporate sales

Head Office Team

Marcela Platon

Director, Accounting

Dominic Gariepy

Director, Human Resources

Melissa Quessy

Training and Development Supervisor

Gina Orsini

Director, Corporate support

Pierryc Lucido

Director, Repair

Alisha Allen

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Regional Manager Team

Eric Pelletier

Regional Sales Manager

Daniel Koren

Regional Sales Manager

Davide Marra

Regional Sales Manager

Tarek Safah

Regional Sales Manager

Gregory Erin

Regional Sales Manager

Alexandre Roy

Regional Sales Manager

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