Stay Connected with the Finest Network in Canada

We take our mission seriously, and that’s why everything we do comes from a place of hard work, dedication and passion for providing the best telecommunications has to offer.

Our highly specialized team is serious when it comes to superb customer service, and each of our employees takes to heart that the customer always comes first.

Our History

Founded shortly after the emergence of the cell phone industry in Canada in 1985, Cellcom was one of Bell’s first custodians in this industry. The company, which has distinguished itself through its leadership, now has 50 Bell stores in the greater metropolitan area and a sales team that serves corporate customers.

Cellcom has invested heavily in the wireless sector and continues to grow. Cellcom has been successful not only in the retail industry, but also with large corporations.

Cellcom currently has over 600 corporate customers and 300,000 consumer clients. Year after year, the company has been able to ensure the continued growth of new customers.

Executive Team

Gary Hutman

President & CEO

Anthony Sleiman

President & COO

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